"Don's Dream Machines is your source for top quality aircraft engines & engine overhauls."

-Don Swords, Owner

Sunday, April 20, 2014
Welcome to Don's Dream Machines!

Don's Dream Machines, Inc. is a full-service maintenance facility dedicated to serving the needs of aircraft enthusiasts.  Our state of the art facility coupled with years of master level work are here to provide you with the finest aircraft engines, engine overhauls, maintenance, inspections, etc. available.

Owner Don Swords, A&P, IA, DAR, DME  and son Jeff Swords, A&P, IA have been creating "works of art" aircraft engines for over 40 years; and Don is the originator of  three (3) STCs for the Continental C-85 engine.  Give us a call at (770) 412-8885 or E-mail us at donsdream@bellsouth.net (Please use the Contact Us page if this link does not work for you.) to see for yourself how our expertise shines through on everything we do.

"If you want the best, you want a Don's Dream Machine!"

Welcome to our new website!
Don's Dream Machines is proud to welcome you to our new website!  We decided it was time to "take the plunge" and get our shop out to the world.  We partnered with Expert Computers in Griffin, GA to help us build a World-Class Website... One that would display our quality work, and provide you with the best information.  Let us know what you think of it!   


In Your Own Words

A new engine brings performance beyond all expectations
By Deborah A. McFarland
From The Southern Aviator, Jan 2003

It's hard to pinpoint when and why I decided Lester needed an overhaul.  His annual inspection detected goo compressions.  He maintained great oil pressure and my records indicated modest oil consumption.  But a C-85 with more than 3,000 hours since new and 1,900 SMOH lacks something vital to pilots who like shorter fields or who need to haul weight:  performance.

   The hot, humid days of summer, with Boonie as my passenger, left me more times than not chanting, "I think I can.  I think I can," as we wallowed off the runway.  And subconsciously I avoided some of our favorite haunts in favor of locations with longer runways or no obstacles.
   In all fairness, the performance of my C-85 was not bad when compaired to other airplanes.  But I don't fly other airplanes.  I fly a Luscombe 8E and I wanted to leap over tall buildings in a single bound. 


RV Builders Assistance

None of us are born knowing how to build an airplane. Most of us have to learn the hard way!

Jeff Swords, A&P, IA of Don's Dream Machines now offers RV Builders Assistance.  If you have questions, we can help.  Email Jeff for more information.  Jeff.donsdream@att.net

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